Introduction to Jazz Piano with Tien Yeung

louis simao piano

Participants will learn to interpret a “lead sheet” from a “fakebook” and create chord voicings that are genre-specific. There will also be some tips on improvising and discussion on the difference between solo piano and ensemble playing. Music will be provided, although participants are allowed to bring in a piece they may already be working on. This class is perfect for the jazz enthusiast who has limited or no experience with the idiom.

Is this class for you?

This class is aimed at intermediate/advanced keyboard players with at least RCM grade 6 and fairly strong reading skills. A knowledge of basic chords types, intervals and the cycle of fifths will prove extremely helpful. Ideally, RCM level 9 theory or a strong working knowledge of the fundamentals of harmonic language and/or two & four-part writing.
This class will not perform at the end of the week.
This class has limited enrolment.

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