Rhythm Training with Barbara Bolte

Level 1 and level 2 classes will be offered in alternate years.

Based on Paul Hindemith's Elementary Training for Musicians - this is not necessarily about drumming, but about how to strengthen one's own internal sense of beat and rhythm.

Level 1
Barbara will introduce the concept of ‘keeping time’ and by using Hindemith's method, participants will be able, by the end of the week, to carry two rhythms at the same time, either tapping separate rhythms with each hand, or clapping one rhythm and vocalizing the other one. It's a really fun way to approach rhythm, and is great brain training as well. Imagine how much stronger one's sense of timing would be!

Level 2
We will continue to build on the method that we learned in Level 1 and introduce compound time, more complex dotted rhythms, some advanced time signatures and master how to successfully incorporate triplets. Participants should have done Level 1 or have strong rhythm and reading skills. For those who are new, here is a sample of where the Level 2 class will start by way of review. We clap the lower rhythm (stems going down) while singing ‘la’ to the upper rhythm (stems going up).

Is this class for you?

This is an intermediate level class for rhythm training that is helpful for instrumentalists and vocalists of all levels of ability. Less experienced participants should consider Rhythm and Reading.
No instruments required, just hands and voices.
This class will not perform at the end of the week.

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