2018  Registration

Come for a week, be inspired for a lifetime!

Registration usually opens in March for the camp in August.

Registration requires the submission of two online forms (Part 1 and Part 2) and full payment of fees before camp starts. Part 2 will not be accepted until Part 1 is completed. Registration deadline is June 30 for limited enrolment classes. Full classes will be listed on the registration form (Part 2), contact us for more information.

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Before you start the registration process, here are few bits of useful information to consider.

•  Tour the campus, we offer several plans: The all-inclusive music, meals and dormitory room, as well as full-day and half-day programs with only music and meals. One can also attend as an observer if accompanied by a participant.
•  Some classes are just for vocals, some just for instrumentals and some for both.  Have a look at the complete program.
•  Most ensembles and workshops require intermediate/advanced musical ability, and some may be suitable for novice level ability. There are also classes that do not need prior experience, so you can try something new. Please refer to the program guide for more details.
•  In addition, some classes have limited enrolment. Priority will be given to participants with the earliest deposit payment, subject to the instrumental needs of the class.

Please refer to the daily schedule before registering and contact us if you need help.

Forms are not yet available for 2019.

Form - Part 1: Provide contact information, select your accommodations and pay the deposit. Each individual or family must complete one of these forms. There are several payment options, but full payment is due by July 27.

Form - Part 2: Select your classes and provide your musical details.  To help us prepare music for the classes, every participant must complete one of these forms by June 30. Late submission may prevent you from taking classes with limited enrolment. 

Bursary Application Form: Please submit the online bursary form and both registration forms (Parts 1 and 2) by June 15.

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