What to Bring and Other Things to Know

Alarm clock

There are no clocks in the residence rooms, so bring a portable alarm clock if you need one.


Bedside lamp

The only lighting in the residence rooms is overhead. If you like to read at night, bring a bedside lamp.


A light blanket is provided (along with sheets and pillow cases), but it can get chilly on cool nights.


Casual clothes

Dress is informal, although you may wish to dress up for concerts. And make sure you bring comfortable walking shoes and a sweater - the classrooms, theatre, and dining hall are air-conditioned, and it sometimes gets a bit too cool for comfort.


Combination lock

Doors on residence rooms are not equipped with locks, so you shouldn't leave valuables in your room while you are away. Lockers are located in the halls of the classroom building, and you can safely store valuables there - including musical instruments - provided you bring a lock with you.



Bring one if you have a special diet that requires refrigerated food. Sometimes there are refrigerators in the residence common rooms, but you shouldn't count on it.



Cooper residence is air conditioned, but if you are staying at one of the other residences, a portable electrical fan will come in handy on a warm night.


Most evenings you will be either attending/performing in a concert, or hanging out with others playing music in a jam session. Afterwards, you'll be walking back to the residences, and it will be dark.


Funny song or skit

On Cabaret Night, participants and faculty members perform humorous songs and skits. If you have one you'd like to do, bring the music with you.


Knapsack/cloth bag

To carry around the "stuff" needed for a full morning or afternoon, without having to go back to your room between classes.



Throughout the week you will be given sheet music to work on. It's a good idea to keep it all together in a folder or binder.



On Open Mic night, participants are invited to perform pieces that they have already prepared or have put together with other participants. Need an accompanist to perform your piece? You'll find that most keyboard players - participants as well as faculty members - will be more than happy to help you out.


Music stand

A folding music stand will be helpful for instrumentalists.



For making notes on your sheet music.



One pillow is provided. If you prefer sleeping on two, bring an extra with you.


Rain gear

Weather is unpredictable, and you will be walking outside from residence to classrooms to theatre to dining hall all day long. Be prepared.


Shower shoes

If you don't like walking around barefoot.


Shower tote

In Cooper residence, bathrooms are shared between two rooms. In other residences there is one on each floor. Having something to carry your toiletries from your room to the bathroom will make it easier.


Soap/personal toilet articles

None of these is provided, so bring everything you need with you.


Sports items

Bring any sports items (racquets, balls, frisbees etc.) you think you might want to use.


Swimming items

There is a lake for swimming, canoeing. Bring a swimsuit, as well as water shoes to protect your feet from zebra mussels.


Towels and facecloths

The only linens provided are those on the beds (see above). You will need to bring everything else you require.


Please note that pets of any kind are not allowed on campus. Alcohol use is prohibited in rooms or on campus except in designated areas.

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