2017 Faculty

“... I loved every bit of camp and most of all the teachers and interaction between faculty, staff and "campers". The people at the camp were so great and so supportive and simply the best group of people I have ever been in. Everyone was so open and helpful and caring that this was one of the best weeks in my life!” Participant, 2015 LFM camp


Elizabeth Acker
Elizabeth is a pianist, accompanist and teacher. Read more about Elizabeth.

Barbara_Bolte_head.jpg   Barbara Bolte
Barbara is an oboist and teacher. Read more about Barbara.

Alice_Bond_head   Alice Bond
Alice is a dance instructor. Read more about Alice.

Laura_Chambers_head.jpg   Laura Chambers
Laura is a flutist and a teacher. Read more about Laura.

Alex_Cheung_head   Alex Cheung
Alex is a violinist and teacher. Read more about Alex.

DJ_Clary_head   Dona Jean Clary
Dona Jean is an accompanist and teacher. Read more about Dona Jean.

Jenny_Crober_head   Jenny Crober
Jenny is a choral conductor and arranger, pianist, accompanist and teacher. Read more about Jenny.

Sam_Gleason_head   Sam Gleason
Sam is a guitarist and composer. Read more about Sam.

Mike_Graham_head.jpg   Mike Graham
Mike is a jazz guitarist, bassist, vocalist, composer, educator and music producer. Read more about Mike.

Larry_Graves_head   Larry Graves
Larry is drummer, percussionist, composer/originator and educator. Read more about Larry.

Terry_Head_head   Terry Head
Terry is a music director, pianist, organist and handbell ringer. Read more about Terry.

Irene_Ilic_head   Irene Ilic
Irene is a singer, teacher and adjudicator. Read more about Irene.

Raechelle_Kennedy_head   Raechelle Kennedy
Raechelle is an art maker, writer, story lover, and a creative mess-arounder. Read more about Raechelle.

John_Kraus_head   John Kraus
John is a conductor, teacher and clarinetist. Read more about John.

Jessica_Lloyd_head.jpg   Jessica Lloyd
Jessica is a classically trained singer, Fado performer and teacher. Read more about Jessica.

Stillman_Matheson_head   Stillman Matheson
Stillman is a choir director, organist, pianist, accompanist and teacher. Read more about Stillman.

Paul_Neufeld_head.jpg   Paul Neufeld
Paul plays keyboards, Hammond organ, tuba and sousaphone. Read more about Paul.

 Garry_Page_head   Garry Page
Garry is a trumpet player and teacher. Read more about Garry.


Barry Peters
Barry is a choir director, composer, organist, pianist, accompanist and teacher. Read more about Barry.

Sybil_Shanahan_head   Sybil Shanahan
Sybil is a cellist and teacher. Read more about Sybil.

Louis_Simao_head.jpg   Louis Simão
Louis is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, performer and teacher. Read more about Louis.

Gillian_Stecyk_head   Gilllian Stecyk
Gillian is a professional vocalist, choral conductor, songwriter and teacher. Read more about Gillian.

Saskia_Tomkins_head   Saskia Tomkins
Saskia is a violin/viola teacher, performer, composer, jazz and world music specialist. Read more about Saskia.

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