Ear Training with Barbara Bolte

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Here is an opportunity for you to train your ear and deepen your understanding of what you hear. Often, even with private lessons, ear-training is overlooked in favour of focusing on learning to play the instrument. Some players naturally have a good ear but may not completely understand what it is they hear.

This course introduces fundamental concepts of listening skills that can be built upon and developed further. You will learn to recognize and identify intervals, be able to tell the difference between major and minor tonalities, recognize and identify metre and time signatures, as well as common harmonic patterns for cadences, and learn about different scale patterns. We will also practise doing melodic dictation - writing down simple, short melodies that you hear. Imagine having such a skill!

Deepening your understanding of what you hear will greatly improve your abilities and enjoyment of music.

Is this class for you?

Suitable for singers and instrumentalists.
Basic music theory and reading skills required.
No instruments required as such.

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