Chamber Groups with assigned coaches

chamber group


One of the camps's greatest opportunities is making music in small ensembles with one player to a part. Each group practices one or two classical pieces with a coach. You’ll work on interpretation of the music and gain experience playing with and listening to others in the ensemble.

Participants will be placed in groups based on information provided in the course selection form. The type of groups formed depends upon the enrolled participants’ experience, skill level and instrument. Since you will be expected to learn and perform a movement or two after only five hours of work you may find yourself working on something easier than your achieved level, perhaps at the average level of the group.

Is this class for you?

This course is best suited for classical players with experience carrying a part by themselves and some confidence in sight-reading music, the tuning process and counting. Restricted to intermediate/advanced instrumentalists (strings, woodwinds and piano) with minimum skills approximating Royal Conservatory grade level 6. Please refer to the ACMP self-rating guide before registering.
Brass players should consider the Brass Chamber Group.
Less experienced players should consider Introduction to Chamber Groups.
The ensembles will perform at the end of the week.
This class has limited enrolment.

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