Ukulele for Beginners with Stillman Matheson




Part 1 and Part 2 of this workshop will be offered in alternate years.

Part 1
This workshop is designed for participants with little or no experience with the ukulele, as well as players who are out of practice and need a refresher. Participants will sing songs as a group and learn how to accompany themselves with a variety of strumming techniques. If time permits, solo playing techniques will also be explored.

Part 2
This workshop would be suitable for anyone who previously took Part I at LFM and for ukulele players who know how to strum and have six or eight chords in their repertoire. This part includes learning more chords in more keys, more advanced songs, strumming techniques and solo playing.

Is this class for you?

No experience necessary for Part 1.
Each participant must bring a soprano ukulele.
Music reading skills are not required, but this may be an opportunity to learn the basics.
This class will not perform in the end-of-week concerts but will have other opportunities.

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