Percussion Ensemble with Dan Morphy

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This class will be an introduction to 'melodic' percussion instruments (tympani, xylophone, marimba, vibraphone, orchestra bells) and to indefinite pitched instruments (the kind you hit or shake).

The goal for the week will be to learn, by rote and music notation, two short, familiar songs that will include fixed pitch melodic instruments as well as indefinite pitched instruments (drums - hand and stick struck, cymbals, triangle, gong, shakers, tambourine, etc.). Participants will gain experience with both instrument families, playing a fixed pitch instrument for one song and an indefinite pitched instrument for the other. Being able to deal with a healthy volume level of sound is imperative, and for sure, be ready to have fun.

Is this class for you?

No prior percussion experience is necessary.
Sight reading is recommended, but not necessary.
This ensemble will perform at the end of the week.
This class has limited enrolment.

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